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Gordon's Estate Services, March 13, 2017

Why Hire a NASMM Company?

Presented by Gordon's Estate Services, courtesy of NASMM.org

I'm curious. What exactly is Senior Move Management?

Senior Move Management is the profession that assists older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation and/or "aging in place." Senior Move Management professionals — Senior Move Managers® — have backgrounds in gerontology, social work, health care, nursing and psychology, others come to this industry from the corporate world of project management, technology, accounting or marketing. Senior Move Managers® require a profound commitment to connecting with older adults and a desire to perform meaningful work.

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How to Talk to your Parents

Gordon's Estate Services, February 07, 2017

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How to Talk to your Parents, When Discussing Tough Issues

Wondering how to start the conversation with an aging parent about a sensitive topic? Whether you need to talk about moving, giving up driving, or bringing in help, knowing which words to use and to avoid can improve the odds of moving toward solutions.

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Fulfilling your happiness quotient

Gordon's Estate Services, February 03, 2017

Can a Retirement community or senior living apartment help me to be happy?

Experts tell us that half of our happiness quotient is predetermined by our genetic makeup. That could be good news or it could present a challenge. The greatest part is that the other half is up to us. So, the moral to this story is that we can improve our own happiness by making some great decisions to help us live life to the fullest.

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Expert Advice: Step by Step of Moving into a Retirement Community

Gordon's Estate Services, February 01, 2017

Common question asked by our clients considering a move to a Retierment Community...

"Where do I start?" 

Making a move to a Retirement Community can be difficult and time consuming, but very rewarding! Find a retirement community that is committed to helping you through the entire process, from beginning stages to your ideal solution.

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What are the Facts?

Gordon's Estate Services, February 01, 2017

Presented by Gordon's Estate Services, courtesy of TheCareGuide.com

Facts and Trends about Retirement Homes

There are roughly six million seniors aged 65 and over living in Canada in 2016, slightly less than half of whom are over 75. Of these individuals, 7.5% live in retirement residences or long-term care homes. Some interesting facts about seniors’ living include:

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Gordon's offers exceptional service

Gordon's Estate Services, December 01, 2016

All members of the Gordon's Team were outstanding at executing their part of the process.

We used Gordon's Estate Services for;

1. Getting advice on how to proceed with the estate
2. Sorting, marketing and selling the house contents online
3. Preparing the house/property for market
4. Sale of the property

Perhaps the most notable point for us was

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Seniors and Online Safety, What You Need to Know

Manson Slik, October 05, 2016

According to the Government of Canada, “Canadians aged 65 and older represent the fastest growing group of Internet users. Furthermore, among senior Internet users, approximately 70% go online every day”. There are many positives to the growing internet presence of this cohort.

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It’s your health that matters!

Barry Gordon, September 28, 2016

When making a major downsize, there are plenty of balls in the air to manage. Some people are concentrating on the house sale, some on the contents, some on the move, and others on managing costs as tightly as possible. Some are worried about where they are headed, others about what their family may want from them.

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When it Comes to Downsizing, Predictability Is King

Barry Gordon, September 21, 2016

If you’ve ever sold a home in the past, you may have found some elements outside your control and hard to predict. Like when you might see an offer, or hoping the conditions are met, or simply obtaining a firm sale when you wish. When it comes to real estate, downsizing, and selling your home, predictability is king!

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Study Shows Moving Gives You a More Memorable Life

Nicky Breeze, September 14, 2016

Presented by Gordon's Estate Services, courtesy of Science of Us

Typically, when one thinks of moving, the connotations are usually negative. When research has been done on relocation, it has traditionally highlighted the negative aspects of this life shift. The loss of friends, the loss of routine, and many other downsides are emphasized, and the entire process of moving is painted with a negative brush.

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